• Consumer Affairs Branch

    How To Prepare For Your Contact With CAB

    We recommend you have your utility bill or contract documentation on hand when you call.  When contacting CAB in writing, please include a copy of your bill or contract with your letter or fax, or attach them as instructed when filing online.

    When contacting CAB by calling or writing be prepared to provide the following information:

    • Name of the Utility Provider
    • Full name of the customer - If you are not the customer of record, you must be authorized to discuss the account with the utility company 
    • Account Number
    • Service Address - Physical location of the service.  Is it a residence or business?
    • Mailing Address - If different from service address
    • Area code and phone number that pertains to the dispute 
    • A phone number where you can be reached 
    • Details of your complaint - If contacting CAB in writing, please be specific and provide as much information as possible such as a chronological order of dispute.  For example, the dates that charges were billed, the location of the safety concern, etc. 
    • Include the utility provider’s  response to your concern, if available
    • If you have submitted this complaint to the CPUC before, provide your original case number, if possible