• California Teleconnect Fund (CTF)

    The CTF program provides a 50% discount for broadband on select communications services to schools, libraries, hospitals and other non-profit organizations. 

    The program was established by Decision 96-10-066 on October 25, 1996. In this decision, the California Public Utilities Commission reaffirmed its commitment to universal service, and created the CTF program in accordance with state and federal directives. The program is funded through a surcharge on all customers that purchase intrastate telecommunications services.

    CTF Fact Sheet

    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes Effective July 1, 2019

    The CPUC recently adopted new rules under D.19-04-013 for the CTF program, which may end or change your discounts.

    The following are changes to the CTF program that might impact your discounts:

    • As of July 1, 2019, the CTF program will no longer provide discounts for voice services.
    • As of July 1, 2020, the CTF program will no longer provide discounts on taxes and surcharges.

    You will continue to receive discounts on all CTF eligible services; however, please check your statement for billing cycles after July 1, 2019 to ensure your CTF discounts are applied correctly.

    The CPUC will be notifying CTF participants in the coming months regarding the Application Renewal Process required for all CTF participants. It is important that in order to retain eligibility for CTF discounts, that you please notify the CPUC (via email at CTFHelp@cpuc.ca.gov) of any changes in your organization’s name, address or contact information. Failure to do so may cause a delay or cancellation of your discounts.

    Implementation of Adopted Rules for Community Based Organizations pursuant to Commission Decisions 15-07-007 and 18-01-006 on August 3, 2018


    Applicant Process


    Application process questions can be directed to:

    Karo Serle (Karo.serle@cpuc.ca.gov) and Amy Lau (Amy.lau@cpuc.ca.gov) - Applicant Eligibility Requirements