Lower My Utility Bill

Save Money with Discounted Rates

Depending on your household income, you may qualify for discounted energy, telephone, or water services. Please review the information pages listed below to see if you qualify for our low-income programs. If you do, contact your utility to sign up!

  • Save 20% on your energy bill: The CARE program provides a 20% discount on your energy bill.
  • Lower the rate you pay for electricity: The Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA) program bills some of your electricity at a lower rate.
  • Get a discount on your telephone bill: The LifeLine program provides discounts for local home phone services and installation.
  • Get a discount on your water bill: Several privately owned water companies provide discounted water services for consumers with limited household income.

Save Money through Conservation

You can also lower your monthly energy and water bills through conservation. For the services below, you can contact your utility for more information or to sign up.

  • Reduce your energy usage: The Energy Savings Assistance Program helps consumers with limited household income reduce their monthly energy bills by providing attic insulation, energy efficient appliances, and other home improvements, at no cost.
  • Rebates: Most energy utilities offer rebates to consumers who purchase energy-efficient appliances. Before you buy an appliance, call your utility to learn what rebates are available.
  • Free Appliances: Most energy utilities offer free energy efficient appliances to consumers with limited household income.
  • Water conservation: For more information on reducing your household water usage, you can see our Water Conservation Tips