Fix a Mistake on My Bill

If you believe a utility, moving company, or “passenger carrier” (such as a limousine service, airport shuttle company, or charter bus company) has made a mistake on your bill, the CPUC can help you resolve the issue.

First, you need to contact the company directly. To contact an electric, gas, telephone, or water utility, use the customer service phone number printed on the front page of your bill. Be sure to have a complete copy of your bill in front of you.

If you cannot resolve the problem after talking with the company's customer service representative, please call us at the CPUC. We can walk you through the process of disputing a bill.

  • For problems with energy, communications, or water utilities: 1-800-649-7570.
  • For problems with moving companies: 1-800-366-4782.
  • For problems with limousine services, airport shuttles, scheduled bus operators, or chartered bus operators: 1-800-894-9444.

Please be aware that the CPUC regulates privately owned electric, natural gas, telephone, water, and sewer utilities. Unfortunately, we cannot help you resolve issues with publicly owned or municipal utilities, such as SMUD or the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.